Supporting the process of transformation

Imaginal Education has developed an extensive ecosystem of solutions to support schools, districts, states and countries with their transformation plan.

Imaginal Education Ecosystem

Organizational Transformation

Imaginal Institute (online)

Teacher Training

Leadership workshops

Learning Transformation

Individual School Sites

Profound Learning

Geenius LTS

Teachers as designers

Students as learners

Growth Strategies

Shared Learning Bank and Adventure Exchange

Nothing changes in nature without a process; caterpillars transform into butterflies, carbon into diamonds, and seeds into flowers because of the transformational processes that are at work. Similarly, an entire ecosystem of technical systems, tools, processes has been developed that support the transformation process.

Imaginal Leaders Transformation Workshop

Use of the Geenius Learning Transformation System (LTS) by teachers to design brain-compatible learning experiences

Profound Learning Teacher Training and Transformation

Use of the Geenius LTS by students resulting in an increase in ownership and mastery

Learning Bank development process

Digital Geenius learning experiences can be shared by teachers thus accelerating the adoption of Profound Learning

Organizational Transformation

By joining the Imaginal Institute, leaders and teachers will have access to a comprehensive online professional development framework, which will develop them in becoming Imaginal and as a practitioner of Profound Learning. An organization transformation technology system (OTS) has been developed to track professional growth and accountability to the vision.

Learning Transformation

The Profound Learning model develops students both academically and with Future Ready skills. The Geenius Learning Transformation System (LTS), a ground breaking web-based technology, supports the implementation of Profound Learning in the classroom.

Growth  Strategies

Teachers will design powerful Learning Adventures using the Geenius LTS and will be able to share these adventures with other teachers in their school, district and around the world. As a result, teachers will learn from one another and grow Profound Learning world-wide.

Our Learning Platform

The Geenius LTS provides the following capabilities:

A Learning Bank, derived from the National or State curriculum, contains the essential learning, the knowledge, and skills that a student requires

A Core Competencies map that identifies both personal habits and future ready skills that are to be developed

Growth indicators and a higher order metacognition scale for students to self-assess their learning

An evidence-based system used to determine each student’s learning progress as well as personal and skill development

Teacher dashboards to track the progress of each student in their learning, future readiness, and skill development, allowing timely support when needed

Integration of the latest neuroscience into learning experiences resulting in the biological change necessary for deep learning and behavioral change

Teachers as Designers

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The Geenius LTS enables teachers to:

  • Design in a WYSWYG (What You See What You Get) context
  • Design Profound Learning Unit of Study (PLUS) in real time
  • Embed powerful Profound Learning ingredients into the learning experience, such as
    • Immediate feedback and mentorship through Formative assessment
    • Setting and tracking quality standards (benchmarks) for assignments
    • Student self assessment using learning maps
    • Connecting specific learning outcomes to the learning activities and assignments
    • Neuroscience strategies to increase student engagement and motivation
  • Design powerful Learning Adventures using specialized templates
  • Track learning in real time
  • Personalized completion timelines
  • Plus more…

Student Ownership

Students are equipped to take responsibility for their own learning by:

  • Identifying gaps in their learning through self assessment
  • Designing their own closing gap strategies
  • Peer to peer learning
  • Requesting a workshop
  • Goal setting conferences
  • Using intuitive growth indicators to evaluate their learning journey


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Tracking of Learning

The Geenius LTS allows:

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  • the teacher to see at a glance how the students are progressing with their learning
  • the teacher to be notified when formative assessment checkpoints are met by students
  • the teacher to track all assignments where rework is required
  • the student to progress through learning at a preferred pace
  • the student to identify and close gaps in learning
  • the student to indicate when activities and assignments are completed
  • the students to accumulate work on their Learning Wall

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