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We are transforming education, business, government and other sectors with our comprehensive solution set.

We have created tools, methods, and digital systems to unlock the Imaginal and innovative spirit of individuals and organizations to transform their world by seeing and creating the future.


Our vision is to develop and provide our Imaginal Transformation Ecosystem of solutions to those called to transform one or more of the Seven Spheres of Influence of our society. Seven spheres of influence in society include: Education, Business, Government, Media, Arts and Entertainment, Religion, and Family.

Our Imaginal Transformation Ecosystem for education is an end to end solution that can be implemented immediately. Our Imaginal Transformation Ecosystem for the other six spheres of influence is a comprehensive ecosystem of tools, processes and technologies that unleashes the Imaginal and Innovative spirit in individuals and organizations.

Imaginal Education

Since 1997, Master's Academy and College, a highly acclaimed K-12 R&D school in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has developed a prototype future ready model of education called Profound Learning. Imaginal Education USA and Canada, in partnership with Master's, have developed a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions for transforming education with Profound Learning at the national, state, regional and local levels.  Our vision is to transform the current obsolete industrial age education system into a Future Ready system that prepares students for the world of tomorrow.
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Imaginal Transformation Inc.

Imaginal Transformation Inc. (ITI) is a for-profit, private benefit corporation established in Florida to advance ITI’s mandate of transforming communities, cities, regions, states and countries by establishing a global network of Imaginal Transformation Centres (ITCs) and prototype schools worldwide.
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Process of Transformation

The miracle of metamorphosis, where a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, is found within special imaginal cells. Imaginal cells have both the vision of becoming a butterfly as well as the ability to execute this amazing transformation. Imaginal leaders, similar to imaginal cells, have the ability to see beyond what most think is possible and are able to do the seemingly impossible. Imaginal Leaders are seers, learners from, and creators of the future.

The currents state of education is like a caterpillar; it is slowing moving and constantly consuming.
The process for transformation is like metamorphosis; it happens incrementally over time.
Our vision for the future of education is like a butterfly; it unleashes the learning potential of young people enabling them to soar into their future.