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Imaginal Institute

Imaginal Education has a membership website called Imaginal Institute, giving teachers access to Profound Learning teacher training courses, forums, blogs and communities of practice

  • Member registration and login
  • Training and professional development

School Site

Once a school has registered with Imaginal Institute, a unique school website will be set up that gives teachers access to the Geenius platform and the regional Learning Bank. Students will also access their learning through their school site.

Educators have
  • Access to the Geenius platform for designing learning experiences and regional Learning Bank
Students have
  • Access to learning experiences designed by teachers
Professional development
Imaginal Institute’s philosophy is to have a consistent model and culture of professional learning and development for all stakeholders. The foundational layer of Ownership in the Profound Learning model is achieved by empowering the learner, whether it be a teacher or a student, to own and take responsibility for their learning. Leaders and teachers within the Imaginal Institute are provided with powerful tools for self assessment in order to identify and close gaps in professional practice.
Closing gaps in professional practice
The Geenius platform, when used in the context of professional development, will deliver Profound Learning training and track individual teacher growth and development. In order to support a healthy professional growth environment, a culture of respect, support, soft landings and freedom from fear and judgment must be in place.
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Just as a smart student is defined as one who can identify and close gaps in their learning, a Profound Learning teacher is constantly trying to elevate their practice by identifying and closing gaps in their practice. The goal in professional development goes beyond learning new concepts to implementing new practices.  Teachers will be able to self assess their practice using a Profound Learning Practice Map (similar to Learning Maps used by students) to close the gaps in their learning.

District and regional professional practice maps
Each local and regional jurisdiction can create customized Professional Practice maps that align to regional professional requirements.


Our Professional Development and Recognition Program focus is on real transformation of teaching practice through mentorship


In the future, third party training programs will be available for purchase as well as advanced training in Profound Learning

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  • Getting Starting with Profound Learning
  • Culture of Profound Learning
  • Ownership and Empowerment
  • Mastery
  • Elements of Creating a Learning Adventure
  • Building a Learning Bank
  • Imaginal Learning for Beginners


Becoming a member of the Imaginal Institute gives teachers access to the Profound Learning professional development program. This comprehensive program includes Profound Learning training, tools for designing rich learning experiences for students, and communities of practice where teachers can share their experiences in implementing Profound Learning practices. Professional development is at the core of the educational transformation strategy.

School or District

A school or district will purchase memberships for its  faculty.

A token will be issued from Imaginal Education which will enable teachers and administrators to register into Imaginal Institute.

A school site allows for teachers to access the Geenius platform and the regional/state/national Learning Bank.

Individual Teacher

Individual teacher memberships will be available in the near future.