Imaginal Ecosystem for Education

Supporting the process of transformation within the education sector

Built for Transformation.
Tailored for Education.

Imaginal Education has developed an extensive ecosystem of solutions to support the transformation of schools, districts, states and countries.

Nature's Process

Nothing changes in nature without a process. Caterpillars transform into butterflies, carbon into diamonds, and seeds into flowers because of the transformational processes that are at work. Similarly, an entire ecosystem of technical systems, tools, processes has been developed that support the transformation process of education.

“There can be no transformation without a compelling vision of the future and a process by which that future is created.”

Tom Rudmik
What we offer

Imaginal Transformation Workshops

Imaginal’s transformation process begins with a 3-day Imaginal Leaders Workshop. Leaders  engage with the Imaginal Thinking transformation process that opens their abilities to see and create the future for their organization. Participants learn that the Imaginal incremental transformation process is vastly different than incremental improvement. Incremental improvement focuses on improving processes within an existing system with data from the past, assuming that the overall system is fine. Incremental transformation sees an entirely new system, the There, and begins pulling new structures of the future model into the present, the Here. Over some time, a new system will emerge, representing a significant leap into the future.  

Organizational Transformation

Professional Development

Live Training Seminars

Imaginal Education offers live training. International training has been conducted around the world since 2013. Additionally, many international and local educators have made their way to Master’s Academy and College for three days of training and touring the school.

Online Training

The basic training needed to get started with Profound Learning is also available online in Imaginal Institute. We are using our proprietary digital platform to deliver training in a Profound Learning way.

Professional Development and Recognition Program

Imaginal Education’s new Professional Development and Recognition Program (PDRP), coming in Q3 of 2022, is a system by which teacher professional practice is elevated and aligned to Profound Learning practices. Here are some highlights:

  • Multi-level development program
  • Recognition is awarded when various levels have been achieved
  • Teachers are assigned coaches that bring accountability and timely feedback to teacher practice
  • Teacher growth is tracked using various self-assessment and evidence-based strategies
  • Teachers are empowered to create a personalized learning pathway facilitated by the Geenius platform
  • Profound Learning practices are tracked and linked to governmental standards
  • Just-in-Time training on Profound Learning’s various philosophies, models, tools and practices is integrated into PDRP modules
Learning Transformation
The Profound Learning model develops students both academically and with Future Ready skills. The Geenius platform, a ground breaking web-based technology, supports the implementation of Profound Learning in the classroom as well as for online learning.
Growth Strategies
Teachers will design powerful Learning Adventures using the Geenius platform and will be able to share these Adventures with other teachers in their school, district and around the world. As a result, teachers will learn from one another and grow Profound Learning world-wide.

A new online learning high school program will be launched in 2022 that may be modified to fit specific national curricular requirements.

Our Platform

Learning Bank
Derived from the National or State curriculum, contains the essential learning outcomes that a student is required to meet. These outcomes are written in age appropriate language for student self-assessment.
Core Competencies Map
The Core Competencies map identifies both personal habits and future ready skills that are to be developed.
Growth Indicators
Growth indicators and a higher order metacognition scale for students to self-assess their own learning.
Evidence-based System
An evidence-based system uses a portfolio of student work to demonstrate learning progresses and achievement.
Teacher Dashboards
Teacher dashboards to track the progress of each student in their learning, future readiness, and skill development, allowing timely support when needed.
Neuroscience Integration
Integration of the latest neuroscience into learning experiences resulting in the biological change necessary for deep learning and behavioral change.

Teachers as Designers

The Geenius platform enables teachers to

Design in context

Design in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) context.

Design Profound Learning experiences in real-time

Embed powerful Profound Learning ingredients into the learning experience, such as

Immediate feedback and mentorship through formative assessment

Setting, tracking, and providing feedback to quality standards (benchmarks) for assignments

Student self assessment using learning maps

Connecting specific learning outcomes to the learning activities and assignments

Neuroscience strategies to increase student engagement and motivation

Design powerful Learning Adventures using specialized templates

Track learning in real-time

Personalized completion timelines

Plus more…