Our Big Why

Releasing joy and brilliance in students and teachers around the world.


Imaginal Education is a non-profit organization comprised of leading educators, technologists, brain researchers, and institutions who are passionate about developing cost effective solutions to help propel schools, districts, and nations into today’s creative age.

Imaginal Education Canada, USA and Brazil are three separate non-profit tax-exempt organizations working together to bring Profound Learning to the world.

Imaginal Education Canada

Imaginal Education Canada focuses on the development of the Profound Learning Model at Master’s Academy and College and the dissemination of Profound Learning in Canada.

Imaginal Education USA

Imaginal Education USA focuses on the development of the Geenius LTS and the dissemination of Profound Learning in the USA.

Imaginal Education Brazil

Imaginal Education Brazil focuses on the development of the Profound Learning multiplication system and the dissemination of Profound Learning in Brazil.

The Imaginal Education team has decades of experience in working with educators and leaders in system redesign and transformation.

At Imaginal Education we believe:


Every child is gifted and deserves to receive an outstanding education that unleashes their brilliance and prepares them with skills essential for the world of tomorrow.


The system of education needs to be transformed from the industrial age factory model to one that personalizes the learning experience by integrating leading edge technologies and the latest discoveries from neuroscience and cognitive psychology.


In the nobility of the teaching profession and desire to increase the joy and effectiveness of every teacher.


Tom Rudmik

Imaginal Education Canada/USA


Imaginal Leader

Board Member

Andy Rudmik

Imaginal Education USA



Board Member

Doreen Grey

Imaginal Education Canada

Director of Profound Learning R&D

Tom Rudmik, educator and entrepreneur, is the founder of Master’s Academy and College and Imaginal Education. Tom is passionate about implementing REAL change and is committed to the research and development of breakthroughs in learning and sharing them with the world. Tom is also an international speaker who is instructing and guiding organizations that are confronting issues of obsolescence and the need for transformation. He has created an innovative and powerful organizational change model on how to become an Imaginal Organization.  Tom is the author of the book Becoming Imaginal. Seeing and Creating the Future of Education. Tom is also the creator and facilitator of the Imaginal Transformation Workshop process.

Dr. Andy Rudmik, co-founder and CTO of Imaginal Education, brings extensive product development and management experience to Imaginal Education with a background in software research, telecommunication, databases, compilers, and software modeling.  At Imaginal Education, Andy is responsible for product research and development and dedicated to developing systems that will revolutionize how students and teachers engage in authentic learning experiences.  Andy’s background in system modeling allows him to bring this expertise to the modeling of the Imaginal/Geenius technology solutions for education.

Doreen Grey, a visionary leader for change in education, was Master’s Academy's first principal. Doreen is both a risk taker and an innovator of new ideas. Doreen and her staff have undertaken several breakthrough initiatives in the areas of assessment, student empowerment, core skill development, establishing a culture for change, and intrinsic motivation towards learning, etc. In her career as a teacher, Doreen championed the cause of transforming assessment, and has offered many professional development opportunities to educators around the province. Currently Doreen provides leadership in the development of Master's FUTURE READY Education Learning Model and the Professional Development Program.

Cindy Backstrom

Imaginal Education Canada

Developer and Trainer of Profound Learning

Cindy Backstrom is both a practitioner and a developer of Profound Learning at Master’s Academy and College. Cindy has provided ongoing support to the teachers at Master’s with the implementation of Profound Learning.

Jeff Graham

Imaginal Education Canada

Director of the Imaginal Design Program

Jeff Graham is a designer of programs that prepare students to become Imaginal by seeing, designing and creating the future. As a designer, Jeff’s passion is to ignite the Imaginal spirit in all students and educators.

David Crisp

Imaginal Education Canada/USA

Creative Director

David leads Imaginal Education’s creative team who are responsible for the development of the creative content that used to promote and propagate Imaginal Education's Vision.  The creative team under David’s leadership captures compelling stories of Profound Learning on video as well as develops the overall branding and messaging on Imaginal Education’s website.

Phil Streit

Imaginal Education USA


Board Member

Philip A. Streit , CFO, has ten years of Partner/Senior level public accounting and finance experience. He has been CFO for multiple, mid-cap technology companies with international experience.  He has expertise in startups as the co-founder of four successful startup companies. Phil has served as the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Treasurer, a Volunteer Veterans Advisor, and has earned professional awards from the Parsons Group and Security Pacific National Bank.

Paul Graham

Imaginal Education Canada


Paul Graham, has many years of senior corporate administration experience.  For the past 16 years, Paul has served as the COO of Master’s Academy and College, an awarding winning K-12 R&D school in Calgary, Alberta.  Paul has provided senior executive leadership with numerous charities in Canada over the past 35 years.

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