Imaginal Education

Supporting the process of transformation within the education sector

New model. Proven results.

Beginning in 1997, a new model of education called Profound Learning was developed at Master's Academy and College, a K-12 R&D school in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Master's is internationally recognized as the prototype school for Profound Learning. The Fraser Institute, Canada's largest independent think tank, has consistently ranked Master's as the number one school in Alberta.

Success for the many
Profound Learning has proven to elevate the academic achievement for the vast majority of students and not the few.
Decrease of stress and increase of joy
Profound Learning is based on discoveries for neuro, cognitive and behavioral sciences, resulting in reduced stress and the increase of joy for students and teachers.
Preparing students
to be Future Ready
Students are truly prepared with Future Ready skills such as innovation and creativity and are able to pursue their own personal vision without limitation.

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Imaginal Education ecosystem

Imaginal Education Ecosystem provides solutions to schools, districts, regions or countries to transform their education system. The ecosystem includes a comprehensive professional development program coupled with the Profound Learning system of education and an innovative digital learning platform designed specifically to elevate student learning and for scalability.

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“If the system of education is broken, then fix it. If the system is obsolete, then transform it.”

Tom Rudmik

Becoming Imaginal

We work with leaders to activate their ‘Imaginal’ abilities to see the future for their organization and to create their organization’s transformation plan. No amount of incremental improvement of an obsolete system will produce the results we so desperately need. Leaders are shown how they can create their own obsolescence using the Imaginal Thinking process.

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Our Platform

Our patented web-based Geenius platform is designed to support and elevate our Future Ready model of education called Profound Learning. The Geenius platform enables teachers to become designers of brain-based learning adventures that elevate student learning to unprecedented heights. The Geenius platform is key to our exponential growth strategy.

Personalized Learning

We enable the time to learn to be variable while the quality of learning is held tight.

Empowering Students

Students are empowered to take responsibility for their learning using various tools resulting in ownership and mastery of learning.

Attaining Mastery

Mastery is achieved by designing and delivering brain compatible learning experiences. Mastery is achieved by students when their learning experience matches the way their brain wants to learn.

Shifting Roles

Our platform enables the role of the teacher to shift from an instructor to a designer of powerful and engaging brain-based learning experiences. The role of the student shifts to an active participant in identifying and closing gaps in their learning.

Your Support Matters

Your funding of Imaginal Education will enable us to continue to develop our solutions as well as implement our proven model of education with early adopter schools in America.